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Making the invisible visible

Because pollution varies so heavily from street to street, and by the hour, it’s critical to forecast it with the greatest accuracy and spatial resolution. Leveraging the best of machine learning and atmospheric sciences, we’ve built an API that does just that. Our live air quality data and hourly forecasts make the air more transparent, and empower businesses, researchers and organizations to build solutions that help people breathe better air.

Why choose Plume API

From earth view to street view

Drawing on over 12,000 monitoring stations and cutting-edge modelling capabilities that take into account numerous datasets including weather data, population density, land use data and road network data, we provide air quality data for any location - down to street level in major cities.

A.I. meets environmental science

We combine machine learning with atmospheric models to deliver real-time and hourly forecast air quality data.

The hardware-enabled air quality API

Thanks to our smart air quality tracker Flow®, we will aggregate hyperlocal data from our community of urban citizens — ensuring unmatched precision.

Data tailored to your needs

Get insights on the main pollutants harming people’s health (PM2.5, PM10, O3, NO2, CO, SO2) with absolute concentration levels and your local air quality scale — alongside our Plume Index. Other measurements available include pollen (Grass, Tree and Weeds) and UV.

Highly accurate and reliable

Already powering large scale client applications - as well as our air quality forecast app, the Plume Air Report, our platform shows best-in-class accuracy and reliability.

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Reinvent your customer experience with our live air quality, pollens or UV data

  • / month billed
  • Real-time pollution data (global AQI)
    Real time pollens data (Grass, Tree and Weeds
    Real-time UV data
  • Pollution: Worldwide coverage, with granularity of 1km in Europe, US, China, India, South Korea, Japan and 40km in Rest of the World
    Pollens: US and Europe
    UV: Worldwide
  • Up to 5 000 daily calls (max. 2 per sec.)
    Calls over the limit: $1.50 per thousand
  • No SLA
  • Self service documentation
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Get advanced service level and access to our pollution forecast feature

  • / month billed
  • Real-time and 24H forecast pollution data (Per pollutant PM2.5, PM10, O3, NO2, CO, SO2)
    Real-time and 24H forecasts pollens data (Grass, Tree and Weeds)
    Real-time and 24H forecasts UV data
  • Pollution: Worldwide coverage, with granularity of 1km in Europe, US, China, India, South Korea, Japan and 40km in Rest of the World
    Pollens: US and Europe
    UV: Worldwide
  • Up to 50 000 daily calls (max. 10 per sec.)
    Calls over the limit: $1.50 per thousand
  • Email support
  • 99.9% SLA
  • 14 days free trial
  • + access to unique optional features:
  • Street-level AQI in major cities

    + / month per city

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Unlock our platform's full power to meet your custom air quality data needs

  • From / month
  • Your project requires extra features?
    • 4-day forecast
    • Historical data
    • Custom calls volume
    • Dedicated account manager
  • Tell us what you need and we'll build a custom solution for you.
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We support academic research, NGOs and local community projects with a free access to our platform. Please contact us by filling out this form - we’d love to help!

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How our technology works

We collect the latest pollution levels (which are in average 2-3 hours late) from over 12,000 monitoring stations and 80 public agencies around the world.

Our quality control features filter for errors, outliers, station downtime (e.g. maintenance) etc.

We source local atmospheric data (wind, temperature, atmosphere, etc.) to track their influence on pollution levels in your city.

Our team of data scientists analyzes local specifics such as geographical features and human activities — because every city is unique.

We develop AI algorithms and atmospheric models that turn this giant amount of data into hourly forecasts. This means you get truly real-time data, and predictions for the next 24h.

We deliver developer-friendly data, in absolute concentration levels, in your local AQI and in our own Plume Index.

How can we help?

Smart devices

Integrate air quality data forecasts into connected devices to make your products smarter, and let your users keep one step ahead of pollution.


Boost sales of your anti-pollution or UV-protection product lines with powerful and relevant data.

Real estate

Find out where the air is cleanest in your city to give the best advice to your clients using the latest air quality data analysis.

Health & Sports

Push real-time pollution forecasts and alerts to your users to help them avoid over-exposure to air pollution.

Smart Cities

Get access to the best in air pollution forecasting technologies to inform your citizens and drive your clean air agenda.

Community & Research

Access our one-of-a-kind historical environmental database to fuel your research and raise awareness of air pollution.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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